California Fresh Farmers' Market Update


Thank you so much for your loyal support of our farming families!

All Markets Open For The Season !!!

Special Reminder:

Just so you know...
We will be SKIPPING the  
for the 

Fourth of July

We will return the next day at Capitol Mall and Florin and continue the rest of the markets as scheduled


What's in the markets?

  • This is one of the best months for fruits and vegetables in the state. That warm Golden State sunshine is working long hours on heat-loving crops that give us all of the bold summer flavor we enjoy!
  • All kinds of stonefruit are reaching their moment of pure perfection. Mellow white donut peaches, crisp green and yellow pluots, tart pink and purple plums, freckled yellow nectarines, and soft sweet apricots and apriums are all ready to create a rainbow of flavor in your California fruit salad.
  • Make sure you show up early in the market day if you want to find cherries and blueberries. Many farmers have finished selling these crops for the season. We will have plenty of caneberries, such as blackberries and raspberries, throughout the summer. Strawberries will continue a few weeks into the fall season.
  • The best grilling veggies at the moment are japanese eggplant, hard squashes of all shapes and sizes, small potatoes, and big red onions.  Slice into thin wedges and toss with a little oil and seasonings before throwing them over the fire. 
  • Also a good idea to be early to market if you are shopping for fresh crunchy sweet corn. Most of our corn farmers experienced difficulty planting their corn crops early because of the late frosts this spring. The same applies for watermelon; there might be only a few, but they will be absolutely the freshest.
  • Lots of healthy greens and lettuce as well as aromatic fresh basil and cilantro will be ready for your green salad. To top it off, the first field grown and vine ripened cherry and plum tomatoes are now absolutely full of savory sweet flavor.