California Fresh Farmers' Market Update

Important News about our Sunday Market

We are temporarily relocating for several months

Due to a long term construction project on HWY 50 we will be relocating our Sunday Certified Farmers' Market.

We must vacate the current site under the freeway by March 1st and hope to re-open at our new temporary site on March 21st.

You will be able to find us in the northwest parking lot of Arden Fair Mall near Sears.

After a hopeful search and extensive assessments of potential sites, we are so grateful that the Arden location will be able to accommodate both our vendors and our customer parking.

Our market operating hours will continue to be 8 AM to Noon every Sunday.

Thanks and acknowledgement

Map of New Location

Background Information About the Move


Current News

Sincere thanks and a kind request to our customers 


We want you to know that we appreciate your support, patience and understanding, all of which are so incredibly valuable at this very challenging time.

Thank you. 

Some kind requests that would be helpful to all of us: 
  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms, such as a cough or fever.
  • Please try to attend the market solo or send a single designated family shopper if possible. This can make a really big impact on crowd reduction.

  • Please leave the required six feet of room for other shoppers. If someone is shopping for an item you want to purchase, please be patient and wait or simply return later.
  • Please try to wear at least a cloth mask during your period of shopping at the markets.  Social distancing is not always attainable during shopping activities and cloth masks would provide some preventative assurances during those lapses to both you and your fellow shoppers.
  • When shopping at a popular farmer stand, look down to see if there are chalk guidelines marked on the ground for spacing for people waiting to pay or shop. 
  • Please complete your shopping as expediently as possible.   Lingering in the market for social exchange with others at this time must (unfortunately) be discouraged.
  • Please look for and shop with farmers who have pre-portioned and pre-priced amounts to expedite shopping.

Our Sunday market historically is our most popular market. The fact that there are no doors, no walls and it is surrounded by traffic activity makes regulation of shopper access infeasible.  Therefore if you can alternatively access your fresh produce at one of our other markets during this period of time it would be very helpful. 

Note:  We are not advertising or trying to promote any new customer attendance at our markets. We are concentrating on maintaining our service to the very large community of core market customers who have for years supported our struggling family farmers and have created healthy immune systems for their families through the purchase and consumption of the nutritionally rich seasonal harvest of our local California farms.


Again:  Thank you for your support, understanding, consideration and assistance!