California Fresh Farmers' Market Update


Thank you so much for your loyal support of our farming families!

Spring Season at the Certified Farmers' Market


What's in season? 

While we are all grateful for an answer to our serious drought woes, the heavy winter rain has made planting and harvesting quite difficult, and even impossible for some.  We expect a few crops to be delayed, but hope for a strong spring and summer season for those who were able to weather the tough conditions.  We greatly appreciate your vital support of our family farms over the lean (and sometimes mean) winter. 
  • The very earliest peaches and nectarines are just now arriving along with spring's soft sweet apriums and apricots.
  • Going underground: Fresh red onions are plump and sweet, and perfect for the grill. Vibrant carrots and radishes are being plucked for veggie platters and chef salads. And fresh garlic is ready for just about anything.
  • Fabulous cherries of all varieties are booming at market.  The earliest variety to appear were the zingy Burlat and Index cherries.  Sweeter Bings and mellow, crunchy Rainiers as well as unique varieties from the San Joaquin valley have about a month to go before they are all gone.  Cherry season is short and oh so sweet!
  • Soon, very soon, we will have all of those wonderful field-grown tomatoes.  We already have a few varieties which were either grown or started in the greenhouse.
  • Along with lovely leeks and sweet spring peas, folate-rich and flavorful green beans are great this time of year.  Summer squash is here too along with a few early cukes.
  • Antioxidant-rich Blueberries from the delta and the northern part of the valley will last a only a little while longer.  Caneberries such as blackberries, ollalieberries, boysenberries and raspberries are soaking up the late spring heat and doing great.